Upcoming Events

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Events for 2017


January 14: Miracle Crusade, San Pedro Sula, Honduras


January 15: Revival Service, San Pedro Sula, Honduras


January 28:  Pastors’ Conference, Houston, Texas


February 25-27: Youth Revival, Marilia, Brazil


February 28: Miracle Crusade, Marilia, Brazil


March 28:  Revival Service, Dallas, Texas


April 10-12:  Miracle Crusade, San Pedro Sula, Honduras


April 19-21:  Revival and Healing Services, Buenos Aires, Argentina


April 22:  Miracle Crusade, Quilmes, Argentina


Events for 2016


January 15:  Revival Service, El Paso, Texas


January 31: Miracle and Healing Crusade, Houston, Texas


February 27: Revival Service, Webster, Texas


March 4-5: Men’s Conference, El Paso, Texas


April 22-23: Youth Event, La Habana, Cuba


April 24: Miracle Crusade, Santiago, Cuba


April 25: Miracle Crusade, Guantanamo, Cuba


April 26: Miracle Crusade, La Habana, Cuba


May 6-8:  Miracle Crusade, Cochin, India


May 20: Youth Event, Rosario Argentina


May 21:  Pentecost Event, Rosario, Argentina


May 22: Miracle Crusade, Rosario, Argentina


June 1-3:  Revival Conference, Yangon, Myanmar


July 16:  Pastors Conference, Nagua, Dominican Republic


July 16:  Youth Event, Nagua, Dominican Republic


July 17:  Miracle Crusade, Nagua, Dominican Republic


August 14-15:  Youth Event, Buenos Aires, Argentina


September 30:  Miracles Crusade, Houston, Texas


October 22-23:  Miracle Crusade, Guayaquil, Ecuador


November 11-12:  Revival Conference, Cartagena, Colombia


November 13:  Miracle Crusade, Cartagena, Colombia


November 19:  Youth Event, Orlando, Florida


November 26-27: Miracle Crusade, Puerto Montt, Chile